Grub, Sweat and Beers IV: Listen to the bands playing this year’s party


Studio 52 is a community artist space located in the heart of Allston, and is proud to support the Boston music scene and local artist community.

Now that the college students have gone home for the summer, Allston can finally live it up a little and let the locals run wild. That’s been on the menu of Grub, Sweat and Beers over the past few years, and now the BBQ cookout and heavy music weekend returns to O’Brien’s Pub for its fourth year this July 21 and 22.

The annual event is organized by Jim Healey (Set Fire) and Doug Sherman (Gozu), and this coming edition will feature heavy eats from Ken Cmar and Bryna Charlton (July 21) and Keith Schleicher (July 22).

“Doug and I are really excited about this year’s lineup, and the fact that we have been doing this for four years now,” Healey says. “O’Brien’s Pub is awesome and has always been supportive of the heavy music scene, so we are happy we get to do this there every year. We are even more stoked that some of the out of town bands are using Grub, Sweat and Beers as a tour stop this year.”

Those bands are Chicago’s Bible of the Devil and Pennsylvania’s Backwoods Payback, who join Los Angeles’ Sasquatch and New York State’s Witchkiss (pictured up top) as the out-of-town guests landing on Harvard Avenue. There will be plenty to welcome them into Allston, as representing our region are roughly a dozen other bands, including Jonah Jenkins’ new outfit The Northern Skulls and everybody’s new faves Labor Hex.

Also on the lineup are a bunch of familiar names, including Sundrifter, Hey Zeus, Scaphism, The Humanoids, Wolfsmyth, The Rupert Selection, Healey’s Set Fire, and more.

Whet your appetite for the weekend with nearly all the performing bands’ Bandcamps below, and peep the rad-as-fuck flyer designed by Mollusk’s Adam O’Day, which shows door times and cover prices. The admission cost includes food and rock.

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Bible of the Devil

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