Hanssøn backs up her worth on new track ‘Always High’


You’ve heard of Tove Lo’s “Habits (Stay High),” now get ready for Hanssøn’s “Always High,” essentially the same song in reverse. Where our Swedish sweetheart was self-medicating in the bathroom on her breakout hit, this new NYC-via-Australia pop singer is rolling her eyes at her self-centered love interest over some retro pop beats. Hanssøn describes the track as “wanting to love someone who is too consumed with themselves to love you back. They’re ‘high’ on themselves, ego-tripping, just on a different wave length, it’s not really about drugs, but more missing that connection, or seeing that they’re disconnected with what’s going on around them.” It’s the first glimpse at her forthcoming EP Colours of the Fall, due out this August, and since the song’s all about fuckboys testing your patience, you know Hanssøn not about to waste four minutes and 17 seconds of your life. Check out the track below.