X On The Spot: Watch the freaky first footage from ‘The New Mutants’

20th Century Fox just dropped the first trailer for The New Mutants, a horror spin-off of the X-Men franchise just so you can celebrate your Friday the 13th in style. While nobody wears a hockey mask and slays teenagers in here, you can expect some serious superheroic fright in the two minutes it’ll take to watch.

It’s got an old-school creepy vibe to it, so you’d be forgiven for mistaking it as a Gore Verbinski thriller as opposed to something from the Fox superhero stable. It’s a fun little trailer, though it’s painfully generic in a few ways.

Peep it:

So, that’s something, right? It’s nice to see Fox experimenting with different tones after the success of Deadpool and Logan, though you wonder if they could do without the breathy Pink Floyd covers and do a little bit more with the imagery. This looks like every horror film you’ve seen in the past six months, though it’s got the X-Men seal of quality stamped to it.

Let’s hope director Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) can bring his A-game here.

As far as a synopsis goes, Fox hasn’t released one just yet, but we’ll be sure to update if we do. That said, it looks like a semi-classic grouping of the characters featured in the comic will have to escape from some sort of insane asylum run by Alice Braga, who has a track record of screwing up most of the movie’s she’s been in since City of God. Seriously, just look at that IMDB page.

The New Mutants hits theaters on April 13, 2018.