Survey Slays: Old School Game Show returns with Halloween Hellraiser edition

We could once again try to describe the madness that is Old School Game Show, Boston’s over-the-top comedy/trivia/music/God-knows-what-else night, but as the Halloween rendition of the show approaches, we’ll let executive producer Ginny Nightshade take the wheel for this one.

“In a given show you might see old ladies singing metal, an epic Loverboy karaoke battle at a funeral, and a double dare style obstacle course complete with actors riding bikes on stage and diving into kiddie pools,” she explains.

And we believe every word of it.

The show, which combines any and all forms of alternative entertainment, has been stirring up the comedy scene of Boston for a few years now, and debuts its 2017 Halloween Hellraiser edition this Saturday (October 14) at the Somerville Theatre. This weekend’s format will be the next in a long line of raunchy, retro variety show “episodes” that Nightshade, husband and host Mike D’Angelo, and head writer Kaitlin Buckley have put together.

“It takes about a month to plan each show, from brainstorming, writing the script and game content, choreography, music selection, and rehearsals to the final product,” Buckley notes. “A lot of love goes into each production and we give it all we’ve got to bring you the best show we can.” 

Aside from the common denominator of games and competitions you’d see on shows like The Price is Right and Let’s Make a Deal, the crew works to create a new experience every time, and for this Halloween special, they’re not holding anything back (not that they ever have, really).

OSGS Halloween Hellraiser at The Somerville Theatre from Michael D'Angelo on Vimeo.

“Old School Game Show is known for its themed episodes, and Halloween is one of our favorites,” Nightshade says. “In years past we’ve done a murder mystery, visits from famous ghosts, Jason Vorhees dance routines, and a Frankenstein-style laboratory. This year we are getting even spookier, and dare I say, weirder. The trivia will be focused on classic horror films and halloween themed pop culture, but it will be brought to the audience through sketch comedy, live music, and dance.”

“We are all big Halloween and horror movie freaks at Old School Game Show, so expect lots of nods and homages to both classic and cult films and characters from the genre,” D’Angelo adds. “Without giving too much away, we have created a brand new Halloween OSGS episode that incorporates the new venue, The Somerville Theatre into the show in a fun and creepy way. You’ll get Halloween/Horror themed games & trivia, original Cubic Zirconia dance routines, a brand new batch of Nick Chambers original comedy songs. Lots of fake blood, lots of glitter, and lots of Roky Erickson on the pre-show and intermission playlist!”

Old School Game Show's Starlab video promo from Michael D'Angelo on Vimeo.

Performances from rock and roll noir group The Devil’s Twins and comedian Bethany Van Delft (as seen on 2 Dope Queens and THE MOTH) round out the eerie and delightfully campy bill this month.

Final summation: The gig pretty much has something for everyone, unless you have a stick shoved up your ass, in which case, you should still “come on down” because a cast member will likely willingly remove it for you.

OLD SCHOOL GAME SHOW :: Saturday, October 14 at the Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square in Somerville, MA :: 8 p.m., $19 to $24 :: Advance tickets :: Facebook event page