The ‘American Horror Story: Cult’ title sequence is here, and yes, it involves Donald Trump


American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy is finally through with torturing us — kind of.

After airing all of season six (AHS: Roanoke) last year without a single mention of the show’s title sequence, American Horror Story today shared the opening sequence for the show’s seventh season, AHS: Cult, which is set to air on September 5.

The opening credits of the FX show, which change drastically every season depending on the year’s theme, tend to be far more gruesome than the show itself, making them a highlight for horror fans who can’t seem to get enough gore from the actual episodes. Murphy makes up for the sequence’s absence last year with buckets of blood, creepy-crawly infested squalor, and naturally, clowns (both the circus and the political type) in the AHS: Cult credits.

Murphy had previously stated that the season will have a political spin, so the appearance of people in creepy-ass plastic Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton masks isn’t a surprise here. The clip also briefly delves into trypophobia, so consider yourself warned

Earlier in the summer, Murphy announced the theme of this season and launched the new website, which has been giving fans weekly puzzles and teasers about the new season, the most recent of which is a flashing, clown-filled video sequence that comes with an epilepsy warning (yes, really).

At this rate, the season might shape up to be freakier than the daily news. Watch the opening sequence below at your own discretion.