Rock On: Watch Corey Feldman perform live at the Whiskey Barrel in Haverhill

Christmas came early for Corey Feldman fans last night in Haverhill.

The former child star, who has pursued a second career in music, was originally set to perform tonight (July 12) at the Whiskey Barrel Bar as part of his cross-country Angelic 2 The U.S. tour. That first show sold so well that a second was added, and from all accounts on social media, Feldman did not disappoint.

Opening with his 2013 electro single and ultimate guilty pleasure party track “Ascension Millennium” — a song we’ve shown legit love for in the past — Feldman’s set was a mix of originals and covers, backed by his all-female Angel Band. Among the covers were his takes on Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror” and David Essex’s “Rock On,” which was made popular in the ’80s after Michael Damien famously covered it for the Feldman-starring teen comedy Dream A Little Dream.

Decked out in his usual black and white garb, studded leather jacket, and some fancy light-up shoes, Feldman seemed to be in excellent spirits, and pictures of him posing with fans after the show have filled our social media feeds. Below are some fan-filmed videos of the spirited performance, and the featured image up top is via @jakeonsunset on Instagram.

You may not believe in Corey Feldman, but that’s fine. Because Corey Feldman believes in Corey Feldman. And so do the angels around him.

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