New Sounds: Big Time Kill tear the death disco a new asphole in ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’


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Although fans of the genre will cringe at any sort of declaration a website like ours makes, it seems there’s a bit of an industrial renaissance going on. A destination spot like Chicago’s Cold Waves festival has spawned national tours from the likes of KMFDM and Front 242 this fall (both play Brighton Music Hall, separately, in October), and even the likes of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult to Lords of Acid are on the road this year. Shit, earlier this week, Los Angeles’ 3Teeth proved the aggressive style is no nostalgia act with their own spirited show in Allston, and other acts like Youth Code and VOWWS have put their own spin on familiar sounds.

Boston duo Big Time Kill have often drawn from those name-dropped in the previous graph, but like those same bands, fall into their own unique strain of big-beat noise. Today (July 12), they return with an absolute mind-ripper of a dance floor jam in “I Don’t Care Anymore,” aligning with pulsating disco rather than metal-ish guitarwork, peeling back the sonic assault of their previous material ever so slightly in favor of a bit of funk. The glossy, massive-sounding electronic-rock track is the first selection off Big Time Kill’s upcoming debut full-length, due this fall, and you can hear it via Bandcamp below.

“The album feels like an evolutionary moment for the band where we embrace more of our electronic side, and by doing that things get a bit more eclectic and wild,” Big Time Kill mastermind Adam Schneider tells Vanyaland.

The new single, adds Schneider, is “a song about living in the age of communication and social media where you’re constantly bombarded with information to the point of numbness, and it’s kind of like our demented industrial take on Mark Ronson’s funky feel good summer vibes. I love the ’80s Wax Trax!-era bands like Revolting Cocks and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult where they take these uplifting dance floor beats and sing about terrible things over it, and this song gives a nod to that style.”

It all adds up to one of our favorite tracks to come out of Boston this year. Hear it live this Saturday (July 15) in Providence, when Big Time Kill perform live at Goth-Ick/Unscene Productions’ Interface and Panic Left show at Firehouse 13. Downcity Armory, Mari Kattman and DJs Sawtooth, Nick Castle, and Atrox & EviLiz round out that bill. Deets on the flyer.

Featured Big Time Kill photo by Christopher G. Brown.

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