New Sounds: On ‘Heavy Vision,’ So Many Wizards find cohesion in garage rock and dream-pop

So Many Wizards walk a fine line between garage rock and dream-pop in Heavy Vision, the Los Angeles band’s sophomore record that’s out today via Echo Park label Lollipop Records. The album exhibits a low tone approach while maintaining feverish rhythms, and while it’s a departure from the sound of their West Coast rock and roll contemporaries, it also carries a similar essence.

Heavy Vision by far is the most cohesive album we have ever worked on; both in recording technique and subject matter,” frontman and guitarist Nima Kazerouni tells Vanyaland. “It’s about death in all its forms and having the courage to face it head on.”

Joining him in confronting mortality are drummer Erik Felix, bassist Devin Ratliff, and guitarist Tomemitsu to create a stellar sound that’s both mellow and effective. Felix has an interesting way of keeping a beat by alternating between being subtle to completing fills that syncopate when the music picks up. Ratliff complements Felix in fantastic ways on bass and the guitar playing of Tomemitsu brings a jazzy dimension. It makes for a fun listening experience that conveys a groove-laden sensation.

Leaning towards the garage rock realm is “Swimming Pool;” the guitars start the track off with an edge and then the bass and drums come in to complete the evolution of an energetic track. “Daydream” goes to the other side of things with a pop structure that exudes clever harmonies. A shredder sneaks in with “It Comes For Us.” This track has the same tone found on the rest of the album, but the fast paced rhythms will make people want to get up and dance.

So Many Wizards’ next show is be at The Glass House in Pomona, California, as part of La Batalla Festival on May 6. Perhaps they’ll make their way to the New England area later in the year, but in the meantime, stream Heavy Vision via Spotify and bask in a unique sound.

So Many Wizards photo by James Juarez.