Kingsley Flood featured in CNN doc ‘The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House’

Those who tuned in to CNN last night to watch The End: Inside the Last Days of the Obama White House might have heard a familiar voice among the documentary’s soundtrack: Boston/DC roots band Kingsley Flood had their song “Cavalry” featured during one of the documentary’s closing montages.

“Cavalry” was first featured on Kingsley Flood’s latest album, last fall’s Another Other (you know, the record with a young Stewart Copeland of The Police on the cover). Kingsley Flood frontman Naseem Khuri tells Vanyaland that CNN used a live version of the song, which plays as Obama’s staffers prepare for life outside the White House.

“My wife Sarada [Peri] just finished up as one of his speechwriters, and her team was at our show in November,” he adds. “CNN dug us and used our tune.”

This isn’t the first time TV has turned to the ‘Flood. The three-time Boston Music Award-winning band had its song “Waiting on the River to Rise” used in promos for History Channel’s show Mississippi Men.

During the CNN doc, “Cavalry” comes in at the 1:27:07 mark. Watch it below, and check out Kingsley Flood’s new lyric video for the track as well.