Strokes side project Summer Moon share interactive 360 video for ‘With You Tonight’


While we anxiously await the next move from the Strokes, various members of the New York City rock band have been busy with other projects. A few weeks ago we hyped a new song from CRX, featuring guitarist Nick Valensi (and appearing at Brighton Music Hall on November 20), and today along comes bassist Nikolai Fraiture and his project Summer Moon.

Not limited to mere Strokes-i-ness, Summer Moon also features contributions from Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, Camila Grey of Uh Huh Her, and Noah Harmon of the Airborne Toxic Event. But it’s Fraiture taking center stage in Summer Moon’s cool new interactive, VR/360 “immersive” video for “With You Tonight.”

“The video is about two people coming home from a dance ball and stumbling into a strange, occult world filled with bizarre characters all displaying their mystical powers,” says Fraiture. “The VR lends an eeriness where you lose your sense of reality and become completely immersed in the experience. You can explore around so you never see the same video twice. It feels like Sleep No More in one room.”


We’re told that “various NYC magicians” participated video, watchable via the Youtube player or on a VR headset via VR network Littlstar. It was led by Weird Days Collective (Santigold, Real Estate, Tanlines) directors Ben Bernstein and Ben Schechter.

Summer Moon’s album, meanwhile, is expected sometime in 2017.