Video Premiere: Civic strip away layers to reveal true beauty in ‘Afterlife Attraction Co.’


Earlier this year Boston’s Civic caught our attention with their debut EP Things With Feathers, a seven-song collection of golden Americana and folk-rock.

There was something beautiful in Civic’s gentle, concentrated sounds, and now group once again strips away the layers of deception in their new video for “Afterlife Attraction Co.”, a song recorded recently at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio. The video shows Civic singer, guitarist, and cellist Dana Osterling front and center, gradually wiping away her makeup to reveal her true self.

“It was inspired by a truck stop chaplain, and pays tribute to the habit humans have of projecting meaning on to our reality,” Osterling tells Vanyaland. “For the video, I wanted to provide a parallel to that idea, but explore the meaning we make for ourselves in our self image. A Buzzfeed “You’ll Never Believe What Happens When She Takes Her Makeup Off And Looks Like Charlie Bucket” vibe is what I was going for.”


The band with the golden sound has found the golden ticket.

“As a woman, and as an artist,” Osterling adds, “I find it unfortunate that those two things are always inextricably linked — so I wanted to play into that and challenge it. Our friend Sean Kelley helped to film it, and I edited using my feeble mastery of iMovie green screen techniques.”

Watch the video below.