Premiere: Jenny Tuite’s Cloud Cover rest gently under experimental sounds in ‘Mirror Me’

For years we’ve been accustomed to Jenny Tuite delivering a hurricane of sound through her long-standing guitar-rock band Dirty Dishes. All the while, the multi-instrumentalist has been showcasing a more experimental side with her atmospheric side project, Cloud Cover.

On September 23, Cloud Cover release debut album Mirror Me on 12-inch vinyl and cassette via Disposable America, and we are honored to premiere the sparse, echoing title track today on Vanyaland. The 11-track collection reflects Tuite’s ability to assemble moody, atmospheric sounds that branch out from Dirty Dishes’ usual pop and rock songwriting approaches.

The ghostly “Mirror Me”, says Tuite, is one of her favorite tracks on the album.

“When I started working on it, I’d been reading a lot about sociopaths and about how they mirror your behavior,” she tells us. “I found it really fascinating, so that’s what inspired the lyric. The song and most of this album is just me experimenting sonically. It’s about sound and sonic landscape more than structure. My process was just setting up a mic and just seeing what would happen, which is a very different approach than I usually take. It’s more intimate and meant to be listened to as a whole piece rather than just fragments.”

Listen to “Mirror Me” below.