Boston Music Awards and Redefined unveil Pitchh, a new way for bands and fans to connect

From the Boston Music Awards to Vanyaland, music and tech company Redefined has continuously connected the Boston music scene.

This morning, Redefined CEO Paul Armstrong, the Vanyaland co-founder who also recently unveiled a controlling purchase of the BMAs, launched Pitchh, a free online platform designed to connects bands, fans, venues, and everything else that makes our scene what it is.

The guide sets out to link up fans, artists, venues, labels, management, media, and retailers, all while finding new revenue streams for artists and allowing them to be visible. Each artist page will display photos, bios, social media channels showing real-time content, live dates, and more.

“The Boston Music Awards celebrates and Pitchh connects,” says Redefined CEO Paul Armstrong in the press release. “There is a lot of talk in the local music scene about how to help support artists and venues. We believe Pitchh — along with the Boston Music Awards — can not only support, but also help take local artists to the next level.”

And Pitchh will work in tandem with the 2016 BMAs, which will take place December 8 at the House of Blues in Boston.

“The partnership between the Boston Music Awards and Pitchh is, in part, a direct response to the question we received as new owners from multiple artists: ‘How do we get nominated?'” adds Armstrong. “Pitchh will not only help raise profiles of local artists in relation to that question, but also help more eyes, and ears, connect and discover their work.”

Peep the design below.

Pitchh Marketing.001

Pitchh Marketing.002