Boston Mayor Marty Walsh parodies Adele’s ‘Hello’ video in attempt to reach the governor


Last month a Providence school parodied Adele’s mega-hit “Hello” to announce that it was closed due to a snowstorm. This morning, at the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh used the song and video to detail his ongoing bipartisan “bromance” with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker.

In the video, unveiled this morning, Walsh didn’t go so far as to change the lyrics to fit the agenda like the head of the Moses Brown School, but the sepia-toned clip of the mayor roaming streets Boston trying to reach Baker, peppered with memories of the two on speaker panels and digital newspaper clippings detailing some trying times, certainly conveyed the message. In the rear-view, like a lost love, are reminders of Boston’s failed Olympic bid, while the recent recruitment of General Electric serves a role between the two not-unlike a newly adopted kitten.

And hey, there’s also Walsh deadpanning the now-classic Adele lyric “I’ve called about a thousand times” in one of his attempts to get Baker’s attention. We’ve all sang Adele’s song to someone or something since it was released late last year, and now the modern classic has entered the arena of Boston politics.


This certainly sets the stage for a political showdown — and nothing jumps out from the calendar quite like September 14, when Adele performs live at TD Garden. We’ll see who has better seats for that one.

[h/t boston.com]