Do You Even Lyft, Bro? Justin Bieber to sell new album through ride-sharing app

Sales of Justin Bieber’s new album are set to get an unexpected Lyft through ride sharing.

The pop star’s new LP Purpose drops this Friday, November 13, and starting at the end of this week, anyone who takes a ride on Lyft through November 19 can download it for $5 through the company’s app. The option to buy Purpose through the Lyft app will appear after a ride is completed.

The fine print:

“What do we mean? To get your copy of Purpose for just $5, all you have to do is slide into ‘Bieber Mode’ in the Lyft app between 9 p.m. PST 11/12 and 11:59 p.m. PST 11/19 while supplies last and tap ‘Buy & Ride.’ Then, after you finish at least a $5 ride, we’ll send you a unique download link and credit your account $5 for your next ride.”

Lyft says Bieber will actually be taking rides all around the country for the next week, and in the promo video below, actually surprised some fares by riding shotgun. “Ride in ‘Bieber Mode’ to buy the album and you just might end up riding with Justin, too,” Lyft writes.

If they hit Boston, surely they’ll roll through Jamaica Plain to peep that fresh “Where Are U Now” graffiti on the side of Ugi’s Pizza.

Watch the promo video below.