Hello, It’s Competition: South Korean high school student owns Adele’s latest hit

It’s been only two weeks since Adele dropped her mega-hit “Hello,” and three things are certain: One, it’s already among the biggest songs of 2015 (played on Top 40 FM radio stations once every 3.4 seconds); two, we have all sang the ever-loving fuck out of it in the car, shower, or in the kitchen towards the cat or dog; and three, this student from Seoul Music High School in South Korea just schooled all of us.

And dare, we say, even Adele.

Oyster Mag thinks so, with this grabby headline: Korean High School Student Sings Adele Better Than Adele, Internet Freaks Out. Well call us the internet (not that one) because we are freaking out, too.

Not bad, teenager. Not too bad. Of course, when we were in high school we were butchering Operation Ivy covers, so this does seem like progress. In related news, Adele revealed recently that she’s not allowed to drunk tweet anymore, which is a bummer after knowing this clip exists. At least she can say that she tried.