‘Armored good guys are a myth’: EMA’s powerful new track ‘Active Shooter’ tackles gun violence


As the gun debate rages on in America, few musicians have put themselves in the figurative line of fire. But South Dakota-born industrial folk singer EMA has jumped right into the discussion today with “Active Shooter”, a song about our country’s recent epidemic of gun violence, complete with graphic school-shooting training video, which was created by Mount Pleasant Police Department in Texas.

“There have to be alternatives to this,” says EMA, born Erika M. Anderson. “For those who are feeling utterly angry and sad and alone — you are still invited to the wild and crazy party that is the human race. Just be cool. Reach out.”

“Active Shooter” includes the lyric “Armored good guys are a myth/Never saved no one from shit,” and samples President Barack Obama’s recent post-shooting speech about how these incidents have become “routine.”

Here’s more on the clip from EMA, via Stereogum:

I did not produce this video. The footage is from an “active shooter” video made by the Mount Pleasant Police Department in Mount Pleasant, Texas (link). It was made for training purposes. It was shot in a middle school. There are dozens of these videos online, including ones made by Homeland Security and the LA Sheriff’s department. They urge every day Americans to be prepared in all situations in case a mass shooting breaks out.

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