Song Premiere: Wild Sun perfect the balance between rager and ballad on ‘Shy Hinges’

There’s something beautiful about music that’s tight and compact like a rhythmic package while also having the bravado and force to have a lasting impression. The fluidity of it all makes for a magnificent sound that makes you wanting more, and listening to a certain song on repeat for what feels like forever can create a satisfying feeling like few others. A rock and roll song’s perfect composition can have a positive effect on a person, resonating an infectious sense that supplies a righteous addiction where nothing hurts.

Westerly, Rhode Island, alternative rock power trio Wild Sun are one of those bands that are easy to get lost in. Set to make waves around New England and beyond with next week’s release of debut album Little Truths (due September 18 via Mystic indie label American Laundromat Records), today the band has released its first single, the shimmering “Shy Hinges.”

Listen to it below courtesy of American Laundromat’s Soundcloud.

“Shy Hinges” seems to be just the tip of the iceberg, as incredible things seem to happen when vocalist/guitarist Glenn Kendzia, bassist Paul Fazio, and drummer Cameron Raubeson get together. Fazio and Raubeson are flawless as a rhythm section along with Kendzia’s heartfelt and genuine lyrics, and his pristine guitar skills. As evidenced on “Shy Hinges,” the trio come together to create amazing compositions that’ll stick with the listener.

At its core, Wild Sun’s “Shy Hinges” is a mix between an energizing rager and a ballad; the beats from Raubeson’s kit and Kendzia’s six-string get the rhythms at a feverish pace right from the start but the chorus slows down a bit with a plethora of emotion to keep things honest. The production quality of the track is top-notch, credit to that goes to Bryce Goggin (who also did the mixing duties on Pavement’s Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain along with numerous other recordings). “Shy Hinges” is a great introduction to their upcoming debut that’s sure to be one of the best local albums to come out in the Ocean State this year.

Wild Sun will officially release Little Truths with a record release party September 18 at the Knickerbocker Cafe in their hometown of Westerly. More details in the flyer…

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