Happy Holidaze: Watch Allston Christmas carolers bringing cheer to the neighborhood


Oh, Allston Christmas, you’re totally a thing now. To counter the annual convergence of the student invasion, massive move-in/movie-out gridlock, too-tall U-Hauls trapped under an overpass along Storrow Drive, and the tons and tons of crap left along the neighborhood’s many twisting sidewalks (providing an opportunity to acquire some free new stuff, inspiring the “Christmas” slang), some have set out to the streets to bring some much-needed holiday cheer to the people under duress.

Yes, today we have achieved peak hipster with the addition of Allston Christmas Carolers, who were spotted near the Harvard Avenue T stop this morning, then filmed out in the wild singing holiday songs to stressed-out movers.

It’s kind of adorable.


But, however, probably the most unsettling thing about all this is that a few of them actually sit on the couch left on the sidewalk. The first rule of Allston Xmas: Don’t sit in or on anything until it has been checked for bed bugs or other ill-advised grossness.

If you’re not careful, come morning, you’re bound to wake up with a lump of coal in your flesh stocking.

Check out the video — and a pic, via Universal Hub — below…

Allston Christmas is here!!!!

Posted by Joey Vece on Monday, August 31, 2015