Places Beyond: Listen to two new songs from Boston rock and roll powerhouse Worshipper

Back in January, Boston’s Worshipper dropped two debut tracks of pile-driving rock and roll, and it was a necessary jolt of musical thunder to help us prep for the winter snow dump ahead. Now we’re in the throes of summer’s peak sweat-stain season, and the quartet is back with a pair of new songs which you can listen to below via their Bandcamp.

We used to call Worshipper a “supergroup.” But while they still sound super, these new tracks help establish a true identity that leaves each member’s previous bands behind. “Place Beyond The Light” is one of the few songs released in 2015 that would justify a cassette release, taking us back to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal glory days of the early ’80s, while “Step Behind” is a towering arena-ready anthem of raised fists and denim jackets.

And they arrived just in time.

“It’s Monday,” writes drummer Dave Jarvis this morning. “You wish you were partying. Not shuffling papers. Download these and play them at your desk. You’ll feel better. TRUST ME.”

In Worshipper we trust.

Catch the band on stage this Friday when they play Await Rescue’s rock and roll rager at Great Scott in Allston alongside Hey Zeus and Salita, and preview and DL the new tunes below.

Await Rescue Flyer