Get On The List: Introducing the V:List, Vanyaland’s guide to events around town

Welcome to the V:List, a sharpened look at what’s going on around Boston, reflective of the sights and sounds we cover here in the digital pages of Vanyaland. Our events guide serves two major purposes: To keep you in the loop on relevant artists playing around town, both touring acts and the best of New England, across a wealth of local venues and stages; and to give you, the artist, promoter, or tastemaker, a forum to hype your own upcoming events.

To help get it started, we’re giving away tickets to three choice events coming up soon: Fort Lean at T.T. The Bear’s Place on July 8; Kingsley Flood’s Rock And Blues Cruise around Boston Harbor on July 12; and Boston Magazine’s BestFest at City Hall on July 21. Enter to win by RSVPing via the V:List links.

Settle in, get comfortable, and have a virtual look around via the graphics below. The V:List is your list — fully customizable, and without all the static of trying to be everything to everyone. We’re yours.

VList Feature Image
Introducing the V:List

Variety is the spice of life, and we know that different people like to digest their listings in various forms. So the V:List is a transformer built to your taste, and amended along the way as your preferences adjust. Users can scan the listings — broken down into Featured Shows and All Shows — two different ways: as a list for easy eyeball scrolling, or via the calendar, filled in each month. Events with the pink sidebar are our Featured Shows, selected by the staff of Vanyaland. Let your eyes do the wandering…


Calendar View
Calendar View


List View
List View


[intro-text size=”25px”]V:List Upload[/intro-text]

While we like to assume we know of every cool thing going on around Eastern Massachusetts, we trust our readers and users know what’s up, too. So we’ve made the V:List open to anyone who wants to use it. Promoters, musicians, booking agents and anyone else are invited to upload their show. Fill in the relevant info in the highlighted boxes, and your event will be featured in the V:List after our quick approval. (And don’t let the word “approval” scare you — we’re just protecting the site from spammers and unwelcome abuse of privileges. Baby, we cool.)

Upload your show to the V:List
Upload your show to the V:List

On the front page of the V:List, you’ll find the three options, as seen below: Our selected shows, all the show, and the portal that allows you to join the party. As such…


Featured Shows.

The shows that we’re looking forward to most.


All Shows.

What’s going on tonight, tomorrow, and beyond.


Your Show.

Playing a show? Upload it to the V:List.