Sunlight Forever: Mean Creek self-release ‘Best Of’ comp before final show June 25

Beloved Boston rock band Mean Creek play their final show at the Middle East in Cambridge this Thursday, June 25, opening for Soul Asylum and the Meat Puppets.

And just to make sure we remember every fucking word to all their best songs, they today released a 15-track Best Of compilation available for download and stream on Bandcamp, with proceeds going to a Charlestown charity to aid those affected by the recent shooting in South Carolina.

The comp spans their releases since 2009, includes standout singles like “The Comedian” and “Young & Wild,” and features two new songs, “Forgotten Streets” and “September Moon.”

“We made a lot of music over our decade as a band, so we decided to compile a ‘Best Of’ for y’all to listen to and share,” Mean Creek write in a social media post. “Although this band is coming to an end, we hope that the music we created together will have an eternal life. All proceeds of the downloads of this album will go to the Mother Emanuel Hope Fund to support the victims of the shooting in Charleston, SC. Let’s send them some much needed love and compassion. Listen, enjoy, download, donate, and share with your friends. Love, Mean Creek.”

Just got a little dusty in here. Read Mean Creek’s farewell letter here, and download the Best Of via the link below…


Mean Creek Last Show