Juggalo Dance: Getting down with the clown, 7-11 introduces Faygo-flavored Slurpee

Just in time for July 11 and the upcoming Gathering of the Juggalos, convenience store chain 7-11 has unveiled a Faygo-flavored Slurpee. The bad news, however, is the drink is only available in Michigan and select Ohio locations.

Road trip, whoop whoop!

Faygo is the preferred soft drink of Insane Clown Posse and their legions of Juggalos around the world. So yesterday, True Juggalo Family celebrated the news in true clown fashion:

7-Eleven has a new Faygo Slurpee flavor! Earlier this year, 7-Eleven had released Red Pop Slurpee. Red Pop happens to be one of my personal favorite flavors (Next to Candy Apple lol). The awesome new flavor that has been released is… ROCK N RYE! Be stoked homies for Faygo Rock N Rye is now in Slurpee form. So if you are heading up to Michigan or to Ohio (Gatherers this means YOU!) stop in to one of the many 7-Eleven’s and pick up your very own Rock N Rye Slurpee. They are ONLY available in these two states! So don’t miss out!

Getting down with the clown has never tasted so delicious.