Vanyaland Premiere: Stay up all night in indie-pop bliss with Everything And Everyone’s ‘No Time For Me’


The worst part of every day is the final few moments/minutes/hours before you’re able to fall asleep. For me, closing my eyes and drifting off has always been a true sign of surrender, of giving up on the day and losing out on anything that could happen before the sun finally rose again and a new day started. It was a neurotic feeling of #fomo before anyone ever came up with that stupid hashtag.

For Everything And Everyone, that feeling is all too real. The Boston indie-pop quartet today have unveiled “No Time For Me”, a jangly, c86-inspired tune that recalls the best of early Primal Scream, the Mighty Lemon Drops, and Shop Assistants — and tackles the dreadful notion of surrender.

“It’s a song about not wanting to go to bed because you haven’t done enough cool stuff yet,” admits frontman Chris O’Toole. “Why would you want to give up on the day by going to bed, anyway?”


Cheers to that.

The rather irresistible “No Time For Me” is part of Everything and Everyone’s second EP, Fighting The Sound, out May 26 via Disposable America. In recent years, the local indie label has issued fantastic tracks from Funeral Advantage and Catenine, and recently re-released Everything and Everyone’s debut LP, Hard To Try, on cassette.

Fighting The Sound’s record release show goes down May 30 at the Lilypad in Cambridge, on a sweet bill with Peachpit and the Stickup Boys. No time for sleep, indeed.