The Day’s Train: Johnny Marr and Morrissey to perform within 35 miles of each other

The Smiths broke up in 1987, and nearly 30 years later it doesn’t seem like we’re getting a reunion anytime soon. Morrissey’s dislike of guitarist Johnny Marr is well documented, and while all the money in the world (or a documented $75 million) apparently can’t bring the Smiths back together, a humorous game of tour routing can ensure the band’s two chief players come close to crossing paths.

This morning Marr, who is on the road supporting his fantastic solo record Playland, has announced a couple of extra shows next month, including a March 20 date at the Leadmill in Sheffield, England.

If that date on the calendar seems familiar to Smiths fans, that’s because several weeks ago Morrissey announced a show on that night at Leeds First District Arena.

The venues are about 35 miles from each other on British highway M1.

It’s maybe not close enough to pull off both shows in one night, but it might be as close as Morrissey and Marr come within one another for the time being. Maybe they can meet in the middle, figuratively.

Check out both gig posters below…

Morrissey Tour Posters

Marr tour poster