Punk Rock Salt: Listen to Sleep Crimes channel their aggression in ‘Can’t Punch The Snow’

Last month a bunch of Somerville friends came together during the Juno Blizzard to form Thundersnow, a rock and roll supergroup whose first offering was an upbeat garage rock number called “Snowed Out.” It was cheery, in good spirits, and a productive way to pass the time in the New England tundra.

Less than three weeks and more than 60 inches of snow later, Boston is still covered in frozen white angel vomit. As tension is starting to build, the songs are getting more aggro.

As latest snowstorm Neptune started to have its way with Massachusetts this past Valentine’s Day weekend, Somerville fuzz-rock quartet Sleep Crimes made a beeline for their practice space in Cambridge to channel their frustration through the majesty of music. The result? The punk-rock flavored anti-blizzard anthem “Can’t Punch The Snow,” which you can listen to below via the band’s Soundcloud.

“We were fed up with 7 feet of snow, so we turned into a bunch of punks,” says the Crimes, who like the rest of us, are needing a bit of release from the frigid madness outside.

A rattling battle cry for the frustrated, play “Can’t Punch The Snow” as you’re out there shoveling, over there commuting, or in there complaining.

We can relate, Sleep Crimes. We can relate.