Guac & Roll: Jack White calls out Oklahoma college after it posts show rider, guacamole recipe


UPDATE 7:05 p.m. EST: Jack White’s management has released a statement regarding #guacgate.

Jack White is reportedly not happy with the University of Oklahoma after the college’s newspaper published the musician’s contract and rider, making public not only financial details of his February 2 performance on campus, but also his guacamole recipe.

According to Consequence of Sound, White performed live at the McCasland Field House on Monday, February 2, and called out The Oklahoma Daily for publishing his contract with the school: “Just because you can type it on your computer doesn’t make it right,” he allegedly told the crowd. The Oklahoma Daily defended the decision to go public, citing its right under the Freedom of Information Act.


But now White’s booking agency, William Morris Entertainment, has told the school that none of its artists will perform there “until this policy is modified not to disseminate private information.” The decision was made by WME, however, and not White himself.

The whole issue is presumably centered around disclosing White’s $80,000 payday for the college gig, as well as making public his ban on bananas and fluorescent lighting. But this incident has also brought to light White’s preferred guacamole recipe. Nearly a full page of White’s rider is dedicated to listing the guacamole’s ingredients and how to properly prepare it for consumption backstage.

For Jack White, guacamole is serious business, and we can hardly blame him.


Read the original OU Daily story here, which also details White’s preference for a post-show steak.

And if you want to eat guac like Jack White, just follow these simple steps…

• 8 x large, ripe Haas avocados (cut in half the long way, remove the pit—SAVE THE PIT THOUGH–, and dice into large cubes with a butter knife. 3 or 4 slits down, 3 or 4 across. You’ll scoop out the chunks with a spoon, careful to main the avocado in fairly large chunks.)

• 4 x vine-ripened tomatoes (diced)


• ½ x yellow onion (finely chopped)

• 1 x full bunch cilantro (chopped)

• 4 x Serrano peppers (de-veined and chopped)

• 1 x lime


• Salt & pepper to taste

• Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, careful not to mush the avocados too much. We want it chunky. Once properly mixed and tested, add the pits into the guacamole and even out the top with a spoon or spatula. Add ½ lime to the top later so you cover move of the surface with the juice (The pits and lime will keep it from browning prematurely.) Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until served. Please don’t make it too early before it’s served. We’d love to have it around 5 pm.

And the rider page…