Big Time Spirituality: Watch an 11-year-old Björk read the nativity story for Icelandic TV


A decade before she broke onto the international scene with the Sugarcubes, Björk was still a calm, cool, and collected performer. And she reads a mean nativity scene.

Earlier today, video of Björk Guðmundsdóttir as an 11-year-old back in 1976 surfaced, and it shows the musician taking part in a Christmas special for Icelandic TV station RUV. In it, Björk reads the nativity story while students from the Reykjavík Children’s Music School play the background music. A short six-second clip had been floating around YouTube for a while (watch that video below), but now thanks to Reddit, it’s been noted that the entire 11:15 clip has been posted to the RUV homepage.

We’re not too brushed up on our Icelandic, but we think we got most of the details here. Of course, the only real detail to appreciate is just how god-damned adorable Björk was back as a little girl. The pre-teen Björk would go on to release a little-known self-titled debut album a year later, before partaking several musical projects in the ’80s before hooking up with the Sugarcubes in 1986. Her first official debut solo album, Debut, was released in 1993.


Watch the full Bjork clip here.