Live Forever: Download ‘Never Die,’ the new LP from New England electro-pop duo Child Actor

Back in July we learned that Never Die, the new full-length album from New England electro-pop duo Child Actor, would be delayed until after Labor Day. At first we were disappointed by the wait, but then we realized it gave us a bit more time to digest the record’s sparkling lead single, “Against The Night.” A few weeks later, Child Actor released “Last Time,” a flickering flashlight of a pop single, and what we had for our beach trips and ferry rides were two very strong summery songs to hold us over and keep our attention.

Now we’re past the point of Labor Day on the calendar, and Never Die is finally here, 11 songs total that show the growth and maturity in the sound and compositions of producer Max Heath and vocalist Natalie Plaza. And, perhaps as a reward for our patience, Child Actor are making the album free to download via Topspin.

“If you love our music, share it with your friends,” the band writes in a mailer last night. “That’s all we ask. That’s why we’re making this album a free download — we know that many of you will buy shirts, vinyl, CD’s etc (all for sale on the site, right now), but it’s hard to tell your friends to pay for something they’ve never heard.

“So tell them that our album is a free download, and if they really love it, they can purchase some merch, or buy tickets when we announce our tour. (Coming soon.) Thank you all for the love and support. We have more videos and remixes from this album still on the way, so stay tuned for those.”

Check the Bandcamp store for CDs, vinyl, and various merchandise, and i the meantime, preview Never Die below before DL’ing it to your playlists.

Never Die Child Actor