Swim Deep: Listen to the latest infectious pop single from New York’s EVVY

Credit: Jen Painter Photography

One of the best parts about the influx of electronic pop artists over the past few years is that we’re now starting to get more than just shallow, disposable dance jams. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course, but it’s good to have some depth every now and again. One of our favorite new artists in the latter’s wave is EVVY, a fresh-faced New York composer who first caught our attention with her single “Collide” a few weeks ago. It’s been in rotation on Vanya Radio ever since.

Now with the release of her self-titled debut EP this week, the singer is back with another track, “You Said,” and it’s a deliberate, introspective, almost new-age-ish ballad that’s smarter than your average pop. The music is technicolor without sacrificing its core, and conveys its heart-and-soul allure without coming off cheap or needy. We really don’t know too much about EVVY, but her music stands on its own merit; we’re pretty intrigued here, and we already can’t wait for what’s next.

Listen to “You Said” below, and we’ll recommend you do so with headphones to fully hear the layers and textures beneath the surface.