Hallelujah The Hills had their clothes and band merch stolen last night in Oakland

Just last week, Boston’s Hallelujah The Hills released their latest record Have You Ever Done Something Evil? Now we know who they were talking about.

The band had their clothes and merchandise stolen last night from their van in a smash and grab in Oakland, the third date in a six-show West Coast swing. The incident happened while Jah Hills were on stage at the New Parish.

Their tour continues tonight at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, where the band drove to last night/this morning with a plastic bag attached to their broken window.

Here’s the word from frontman Ryan Walsh.

Hallelujah The Hills returns to a Boston stage on May 30 for their local record release at Great Scott in Allston with Tallahassee and Thick Wild. Advance tickets are available here.

Jen Harrington relayed the following message via Facebook for those looking to help the band out.

Hallelujah The Hills doesn’t have clothes. This state of no dress was not of their design—they did not lose their knickers to a bad hand of poker or a dare. Far far away from home, they lost their neatly packed luggage and band merch in a smash and grab in Oakland (gear is safe).

One day they will write a song about this. But today they need to replace the suits they planned to wear to perform at a wedding; they need new knickers and checked shirts; they need toothbrushes and all those other things you buy in small containers to find a bit of comfort when you can’t spit in your own sink. Moreover, they need to recover the loss of the merch that oftentimes pays for gas and a glass of OJ at breakfast.

There are things you can do to help.
1. You can buy their new album…sooooooo good so you’re doing yourself a favor.
2. You can spread the word.
3. You can see them. 5/24 in Santa Monica. 5/25 in Hollywood. 5/30 at Great Scott.
4. You can say something nice about them. For instance, I don’t really know these blokes but they all can produce fine upstanding facial hair. A rarity for most men. And for an entire band to achieve it—a miracle.

Get Have You Ever Done Something Evil? via the Bandcamp link below…

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