Around The Fur: Keytar Bear’s attacker allegedly reaches out to the street performer to apologize

Last week we were told by one of Keytar Bear’s spokespeople that the issue between the street performer and his attacker was “handled internally,” and no police report would be filed. Today, on the eve of tomorrow’s Keytar Bear benefit show at the Middle East in Cambridge, an anonymous user on Instagram has reached out to the event’s organizer claiming to be the suspect.

In the message to Abigail Taylor’s magneticabby account, “Anonymous” wrote that he has reached out to Keytar Bear and apologized privately. Though the suspect has chosen to remain anonymous, our sources confirm that someone claiming to be the assailant reached out to Keytar Bear last week to own up to the attack, a quick suckerpunch which left the Bear with a broken nose.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s event will feature live performances by Freezepop, the Dirty Water Brass Band, and DJ Chris Ewen of Heroes. Keytar Bear is expected to perform, as well.

The Indiegogo campaign to get Keytar Bear a new musical instrument has raised $5,275. The Bear’s original keytar was damaged after someone threw a Snapple bottle at it in a separate incident, believed to be involving the same suspect or group of suspects.

These t-shirts, from pressed by Anti Designs with the imaging by Mel Choice, will be on sale for $15 at the Middle East. There will also be a raffle.