Vanyaland Premiere: Blackbutton turn up the morning grit in new single “AM Clouds PM Sun”

Some days, instead of alarm clocks waking us up, we have new music from Blackbutton. The Boston rock trio this morning dropped the latest single in their Stripper Series, “AM Clouds PM Sun,” via their mailing list, but now it shines through the curtains and helps illuminate their release party tonight at T.T. The Bear’s Place.

True to the young band’s already recognizable form, “AM Clouds PM Sun” is another ’90s-echo ripper of a track, a frantic four minutes that forces the listener to hustle to keep up. The follow up to 2012’s “Still Kids” and last summer’s “Canopy,” the new track was recorded last month at Q Division in Somerville as part of Converse’s eternally-blooming Rubber Tracks session.
[global_player artist=”Blackbutton” title=”AM Clouds PM Sun” stream=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/129976755/stream” cover=”http://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000068166171-43di7l-large.jpg?d53bf9f” backlink=”https://soundcloud.com/vanyaland/blackbutton-am-clouds-pm-sun” id=”65843″ fb=”” tw=””]
Tonight in Cambridge, the ‘Button are joined by A Wish for Fire, Jessica Prouty Band, and the Year Million. Tickets are available here.

Blackbutton Flyer