Watch Beyoncé throw mad shade on Kelly Rowland during a long-lost Destiny’s Child interview


Friday night lights? Not if Beyoncé can do anything about it. For some reason a Vine of an old Destiny’s Child interview has just surfaced — blame the snow storm Hercules — and in it, Queen Bey throws crazy shade on her former colleague Kelly Rowland. In the short clip, Rowland explains that she’s the “second lead vocalist of the group.”

Beyoncé’s reaction is amazing: a one-two punch of a death glare and over-exaggerated sneeze.

The Huffington Post says it could just have been that Beyoncé was suffering from the common cold. There’s certainly a lot of that going around in New England this week.


“Given the group’s long and successful history, it’s safe to say that if there was ever any bad blood between Knowles and Rowland, they took care of it,” Huff Post assures us. “The ‘Say My Name’ singers have remained friendly enough that Rowland joined Knowles onstage for the 2013 Superbowl halftime performance.”

Yeah but even that was a quick-hit that showed Queen Bey is the H.B.I.C.

Check out the Vine below if you haven’t already seen it; it was posted by Tresia Bowles and it’s nearing 100,000 shares on Facebook in just under a day. We all got cabin fever.