Tick, tick, boo: The Hives apologize for dedicating song ‘about blowing stuff up’ to Boston crowd


And we thought the most outrageous thing last night at TD Garden was the Hives actually opening up for Pink. Turns out it was the Hives frontman Pelle Almqvist opening up his mouth that’s caused the most controversy. Amqvist innocently dedicated the Swedish rock band’s song “Tick, Tick, Boom” to the Boston crowd, an “Enter City Name Here” salute he has likely done on every stop of their current tour with Pink.

“This song’s for everyone in Boston. It’s about stuff blowing up,” said Almqvist, according to CBS Boston.



Of course, eight months or so after the Boston Marathon bombings, our city isn’t really into that sort of thing. So naturally, people freaked out and Almqvist took to social media a few hours ago to apologize.

The band has yet to apologize for going on tour with Pink, however.


Call us crazy, but we believe him.

We’ve probably hit a point where in addition to having the city name posted everywhere backstage to avoid a “Hello Cleveland!” moment, venues should also list anything that will insult the crowd, a detailed account of current events, and any potential allergies of those in the first few rows.

Also here’s the crowd reaction last night, captured 30 seconds after the incident. But this is pretty much the reaction to every opening band ever so it’s tough to draw any real conclusions.