First Listen: Twin Berlin capture their live shitshow in noisy new single ‘Buzzkill’

Photo by Joshua Pickering

Earlier this year, the drunkest performance(s) at the 2013 Rock And Roll Rumble came courtesy of Connecticut garage rock band Twin Berlin, who undressed their way to the final round on the strength of cheap booze, pale naked asses, and sludgy, catchy, guitar-pop. It was a great showing for a band who certainly acted like they didn’t have to cross state lines to get back home after the show. Hell, we think one of them actually slept behind T.T.’s one night.

Now they’re back. They must have run out of beer in the Constitution State.

The trio are set to remind us just how they roll with perfectly-messy new single “Buzzkill.” With guitar/drum noise as tall as Connecticut highways are long, it’s the first taste of new Twin Berlin tunes off upcoming record Sleazebrain, which drops February 18; the single got the debut treatment by Diffuser just before the holiday weekend swallowed us whole.

Pop a can and fire it up.

[global_player artist=”Twin Berlin” title=”Buzzkill” stream=”http://vanya.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/07-Buzzkill-1.mp3″ cover=”https://i1.sndcdn.com/artworks-000063766003-xo15be-t200x200.jpg?b09b136″ backlink=”false” id=”58046″ fb=”” tw=””]

“’Buzzkill’ is about a freak accident that happened when I was 19, landing me in the hospital for a while,” singer/guitarist Matt Lopez tells Diffuser.fm. “When I was trying to sort out the melody, the first take I sang was the opening line ‘Wanna get it over/Cough up mucus phlegm.’ Right away, I knew what the song was going to be about, and it was something that I hadn’t really allowed myself to think about in a few years. Once I had the words “mucus phlegm” I knew I wanted tuned-down heavy guitars, loud drums, and noise-strangling leads. It’s not a fast riff, but I think the energy pulsates and drives the song.”

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