Paul Draper of UK band Mansun and California rapper Mansun face off on twitter, with dazzling results

Britpop bands have a bitter relationship with band names, especially when it comes to their already-established American counterparts. First it was the Charlatans who had to switch to the Charlatans UK, then it was Suede who infamously had to add “The London” (they’re still bitter about it), and even the Verve had to solidify the “the” in their moniker after a longstanding stateside jazz record label bitched and moaned.

But now the roles are reversed — and it’s leading to the potential for a very bizarre collaboration. Paul Draper of ’90s Britpop torch-bearers Mansun, who had the 1997 hit “Wide Open Space,” awoke on twitter recently to find there’s a SoCal rapper using his band name. The twitter exchange has been hilarious, and things are evolving better than just making the budding hip-hopper switch to something like “Mansun LA” or the “California Mansun.”

From there, the two — Draper and rapper Mansun — have been in constant twitter conversation all week, and there might even be a collaboration in the future. Sure, Mansun (the band) broke up in 2003, but this might get them out of retirement, or at least get Draper back in the NME headlines.

The exchange, which started with Draper taking the piss but now seems friendly enough to think something might come out of this, has been excessive, And Draper has been relentless, but it’s easy to catch up. Follow both — the rapper has the handle @MansunOfficial, oops — and we’ll see what develops.

This rules.

Here’s Draper…

And here’s Mansun…

And in case it slipped your mind…