Rolling Stone’s new attack video blasting EDM as ‘fake music’ is one epic troll job

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rolling Stone’s Italian magazine, word spread this past weekend that rock music’s Paper of Record lashed out against EDM via a new viral advertisement, calling it “fake music” and telling all DJs to get off their lawn. The fans will never scream your name, they say! They’ll never remember your songs! Your music is like maggotz, and Rock N’ Roll will one day be king again. K-I-N-G — so get Mr. Diamond and Mr. Crimson on the phone, stat.

They might want a word with director Federico Brugia and Filmmaster Productions. Who, it might be noted, have posted the video themselves — and not through Rolling Stone’s proper channels. But never mind all that for a moment, let’s ride this one out.

Some people are taking this video pretty seriously (check the YouTube comments), and if anything, the “Rocker Vs DJ” video is giving old school guitar-lickin’ folks a nice rallying cry against the current culture of electronic music. Elite Daily called the video “shocking,” others are saying it’s one big “Fuck You” to EDM, its producers, and its fans.

We dunno ’bout all that.

To us, it seems like a well-crafted troll job. And it makes EDM sound even cooler than it actually is. The party’s over there, clearly.

Well played, Rolling Stone — or whoever really set this in motion. In any event, here’s the publication’s 30 Greatest EDM Albums of All Time, from last year.

  1. HATERS: Just because Rock music is dying because it has been around for so long and ppl are looking for something new, that doesn’t mean that all the djs out there are making stupid noises with electronics. Not all djs out there do drugs or have the type of lifestyle that Rolling Stones is trying to show us in this video. In fact, that type of lifestyle came from ROCKSTARS (correct me if i’m wrong)
    Seems like not that many ppl go out to concerts these days and they feel butt hurt. but let me ask you this, what do you think the ppl that perform classic music have to say about Rock music that came in from 60’s till 90’s? i loved all the bands like you guys did, but we move forward and unfortunately your rock bands are nothing but same chords from intro to bridge to chorus.

  2. EDM is to music what graffiti is to art.
    Sure it has it’s place but it’s mostly now produced by wannabee hacks whose idea of creativity is to shout/spray paint their tag. Appreciated mostly by kids that simply don’t know any better yet.