Eat Sleep Rave Repeat: Which of these outlandish EDM parties doesn’t actually exist?

[dropcap]R[/dropcap]ave culture has exploded and EDM is everywhere these days, so it’s been getting harder and harder to tell the good parties from the bad. But promotional tactics and promises have gotten to out of hand recently, it’s now hard to tell the real parties from the fakes. From Dragon Ball Z themes to bouncy castles to 10 straight hours of nothing but AVICII, shit is getting ridiculous.

We took to Facebook and found five upcoming events in our news feeds that blur the lines between actual parties and clever parodies. Can you tell which of the following events actually exist? We pulled their main details and flyers, and copied a snippet of each event’s description; we strongly suggest clicking on each link to get the full effect — especially if you’re not exactly sure what’s up. #PLUR


1. Molly Party — New York, November 16, 2013, with DJ Hero, David Gutter, Drillex, and more…

According to the Facebook event page (click for full listing): “MOLLYPARTY!!! A Monopoly themed event! Bring your counterfit money dress up as the monopoly guy or sexy girl version.. and get $5 off at the door. More special suprizes TBA!!” [Bonus points for: “DJ SKRATCHITORY RAPE — Turntablism at it’s finest. This up and comming digital vinyl DJ has won many online contests.”


2. OVER 9000! — New York, November 16, 2013, with Dutch Master, S-Factor, DJ Venom, and more…

According to the Facebook event page (click for full listing): “A Dragonball Themed EDM Event … Sponsored by Kikwear … Lights, Lasers and Sound by SUPREME SOUNDS … DBZ Themed Visuals by FUNKTAXI 1533 … DBZ Themed Geometric Lycra installations by DANZER of A.R.T. … Go Go Dancing by PRETTY GIRL PRODUCTIONS … Free Giveaways to people in Costume by KIKWEAR … Bouncy Castle by POWERTRIP LIGHTING … Dragonball Video Games by NYCR …MORE TBA (Got Ideas Post em in the comments!) …Warehouse Location TBA”


3. 10hrs of AVICII — Boston (we think?), January 4, 2014, with DJ Roflcer OfThe Lawl, Firewerks, Soapy Tight Crews, and more…

According to the Facebook event page (click for full listing): “the best edm night of avicii playing avicii songs and mik’s for 10hrs at the rave. rsvp going and u can dj at the party, just avicii songs tho… 4 rooms, 2 levels, mezzanine, chill rooms, bbq station + breakfast buffet, beer’s, kandy tables, couches, good sound and lights, dj booth”


4. Bobble Invaders 2 — New York, December 7, 2013, with Technoboy and more…

According to the Facebook event page (click for full listing): “Bobble Invaders is back, but this time, its going to be BIGGER and BETTER. Ask somebody who attended the first Bobble how it was, and we promise you wont find an answer short of amazing. Bobble Invaders 2 is the place to be Dec 7th, so make sure you save the date, bring your friends, good vibes, and smiles. We can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces there. Get ready for a night you will never forget!! Massive Sounds system that will shake your chest♪♪ … 3000+ Capacity Venue … Blacklights placed throughout venue for glow fun … Friendly professional secruity/staff for your safety … Huge fully stocked bar that includes top shelf liquor for those 21 and over.”


5. That Epic Party 2 — Pittsburgh, December 13, 2013, with Black Sun Empire, Gammer, Kid Kamillion and more

According to the Facebook event page (click for full listing): “We at 1337 and BC1 take a lot of pride in our events. This party will be the BIGGEST and most EPIC party we have ever thrown! ♦ … EPIC LASER SHOW BY THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS! … LIGHT WAVE INTERNATIONAL LASERS! … HUGE SOUND IN ALL 3 ROOMS … BIG PRODUCTION LIGHTING INCLUDING LED PANELS / WALLS … AND PROJECTION MAPPING … HUGE BOUNCY HOUSE / SLIDE … EPIC DECOR AND SO MUCH MORE!