This Lou Reed memorial shirt depicting Iggy Pop is the must-have fashion item for fall

So to commemorate Lou Reed’s death earlier this week, a seller on Etsy has created a memorial shirt in the late singer’s honor — except the clothing item features Iggy Pop. Oops.

“Yesterday rock and roll legend Lou Reed died so a friend of mine gave me the idea to make this shirt dedicated to Lou Reed rock and roll god from the Velvet Men,” writes Wetland. “Too busy being sad to write much of a description right now but I’m sure once the sadness goes away a little I’ll have something more to put on here.”

But before you get all worked up, we think we’re getting trolled. Another item in the Detroit-based seller’s warehouse — Detroit! — features a Prince shirt that reads “Michael Jackson” and a Michael Jackson shirt that reads “Prince.”

Well played.

In any event, the shirt goes down in a long line of awesome sartorial mix-ups, like Blur & Oasis, Jimi Hendrix & Bob Marley, and assorted peoples as Che Guevara.

Here’s the shirt. Get it now while it’s HOTT.

Iggy Pop Shirt