Watch Chris Cornell team up with Avett Brothers to cover Pearl Jam on Fallon

We’re still reeling from Chris Cornell’s incredible cover of Metallica’s “One,” which he sang recently in San Diego in the musical form of U2’s classic song of the same title (Or is it a cover of U2 with Metallica lyrics?). But it’s Pearl Jam Week over on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and the Soundgarden singer was happy to oblige for his Seattle brethren. Only this time, Cornell didn’t go at it alone — he was joined last night by Seth and Scott Avett, of folk band the Avett Brothers.

The trio unveiled a hauntingly beautiful cover of Pearl Jam’s 1992 b-side “Footsteps,” which was first released on the “Jeremy” single. Talk about going back. Cornell is pretty familiar with the song; he sang a modified version of it, “Times Of Trouble,” on the timeless Temple of the Dog album.

Just last month, Cornell joined the Avett Brothers on Fallon for the latter’s debut of new song “Vanity.”

Pearl Jam just wrapped up two gigs in Worcester last week — just after Eddie Vedder took in some Red Sox baseball — the band’s 10th studio record, Lightning Bolt, is re-affirming their position as one of this generation’s greatest rock bands.

Cornell, meanwhile, is on a solo acoustic tour, getting nice and intimate with his catalog and the audience, and he comes to Boston’s Shubert Theatre on November 15.

Watch Cornell and the Brothers Avett perform “Footsteps” below.

As a bonus, Late Night also released this web exclusive of Cornell discussing his long-standing relationship with Pearl Jam and their early-’90s collaborations…