Premiere: Watch the video for the Symptoms’ atmospheric new single, ‘Seeing In The Dark’


Monday mornings are for the slow and lethargic. The alarm clock serves as a piercing countdown to that very second you can mainline coffee, over-caffeinated beverages, and 5-Hour Energy in order to properly greet the cold bitter bitch that is the workweek. Some, however, choose to remain in a state of tranquility. And few bands complement the eased rush of chill quite like Allston’s the Symptoms.

Today, on a Monday, appropriately enough, we are proud to debut the newest music video from the young trio, “Seeing In The Dark.” The lead track off this year’s Contrasts EP, the song instantly finds warm, peaceful place inside your head’s snooze button and takes up permanent residence. The atmosphere is right at home within the delicate balladry of Elliott Smith, Sigur Ros, and early Coldplay.

The video was crafted by New York’s Amanda Katz, who directed and edited the clip co-shot with the Symptoms at the start of the summer in Brooklyn. Check out the video above, then get re-acquainted with the band’s Contrasts EP down below.


And if you dig it, we hear the Symptoms are currently looking for a drummer. Get on that.

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Symptoms Contrasts

Symptoms Artwork