Watch Child Actor cover Duran Duran, then get willingly lost within the synthpop duo’s ‘Promise’

The morning-glow synth-pop of New England duo Child Actor has always had a dream-like quality; producer Max Heath’s airy electronic layers swirl in tight spaces, while Natalie Plaza’s heaven-sent female vocals breeze along the cusp of positive-midnight romanticism. Their Victory EP was one of 2012’s finest releases, proving that collaboration across state lines — from New Haven, Connecticut, to Boston, Massachusetts — was no real obstacle.

Nearly a year later, Child Actor have returned with the four song Promise EP, which you can download for the price of whatever-you-like via their Bandcamp.

From the dream-pop aura of “Everything Falling Star,” to the title track’s mystical throb, to the split pop personality of “Mirror,” each track has a distinct personality. But the entire package is raised even higher by a sparking cover of Duran Duran’s 1993 classic “Ordinary World.” Watch the video above.

“Describing Promise is hard to do, so all we’re going to say is that it’s us,” the duo writes. “If you want to describe it to your friends, family or pets (they can totally understand when you’re talking to them), please do that. We also heard using hashtags was cool now, so maybe do that too? (#veryrare? Did we do that right?)”

From here, Child Actor have more on the way: a new full-length LP coming next month, as well as gigs around the Northeast and at CMJ in New York.

There’s also word of a Promise remix EP, but we have to ask — why mess with these songs when they’re already perfect?

Child Actor Promise EP