EDM producers Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Z-Trip and others appear in PSA on MDMA

After the recent deaths and hospitalizations of concertgoers at EDM shows around Labor Day weekend in Boston and New York, a handful of EDM producers have come together with URB magazine to release a video warning about the dangers of taking drugs in clubs and at festivals.

According to the magazine, URB created the ad after a fatal 2010 overdose at Los Angeles’ Electric Daisy Carnival, but the campaign was ultimately shelved for “political” reasons.

Now that deaths at EDM shows are back in the news, URB posted the video. In the PSA clip above, Kaskade, A-Trak, apl.de.ap, Steve Aoki, Z-Trip, and Tommie Sunshine all give tips on staying safe while partying.

While the video is a bit over-dramatic and some are taking the piss, Z-Trip’s message is on point: “Never buy drugs or accept drinks from strangers, you never know what you’re going to get.”

That shit should be posted at the entrance to every club and festival in the world.

Here’s what URB had to say:

Why did we make this video?

In 2010, following the tragic death of 15-year-old Sasha Rodriguez at Electric Daisy Carnival, the County of Los Angeles formed the Rave Task Force to address the public health and safety issues inherent at large-scale electronic music events.

One of the recommendations made by the task force was to develop a public service announcement (PSA) regarding the dangers of drugs — and especially ecstasy. URB.com was hired to create this PSA, which featured six of the world’s biggest DJs highlighting basic safety techniques and harm reduction strategies when consuming potentially dangerous drugs at these events.

– Rolling on Ecstasy, can cause heart problems, brain damage, stroke, And possibly death!
– Take breaks to cool off. Sip sports drinks or water.
– Avoid energy drinks and caffeine. And don’t mix drugs and alcohol.
– If you or your friends feel hot or sick…it’s ok to ask for help.
– Never buy drugs or accept drinks from strangers…you never know what you may get.
– You can choose to take nothing at all.

Sadly, the political fallout after EDC resulted in this PSA being officially shelved. In light of the recent deaths at the Electric Zoo Festival and other EDM events, we decided this information was too important not to share.

We hope everyone will help spread this message.


Raymond Roker, Joshua Glazer & Danny Lee