Video Premiere: Wake up dead up with ‘Staab’ by Endation, produced by Sophia Cacciola


Today is the “first day” for many things — first day back to work, first day of school, and for many around Boston, first day in a new apartment after a weekend of moving boxes, memories, and emotions. But what if today is the first day of your death? How would you spend it? Not on the Green Line, that’s for certain.

In the killer (ahem) new music video for Endation’s bruising “Staab,” Boston burlesque dancer Leah Principe awakens in the afterlife with a fresh stab wound, and immediately begins to destroy everything in her path with “Carrie”-like precision. She quickly moves from the hospital to the rock show, where she takes out many players of the city’s arts community and sets her deadly sights on the band on stage. Is this spirit seeking vengeance on the ones who took her life? Her Endation is only the beginning.

Produced by Sophia Cacciola and directed by Michael J. Epstein (who with Endation share a similar smile over stripped-down sinister sounds as Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling), the video is a murky, restless visual that perfectly suits Endation’s raw, granular rock and roll. Matt Graber and Anthony Conley are at their explosive best when in full menace mode, and nothing’s more terrifying than a freshly stabbed victim seeking unholy revenge. At just under two minutes, “Staab” is the lead track off Endation’s 2012 LP The Absence of Everything, and like death itself, comes and goes quickly.


So pull the knife from your bloody corpse of a body, absorb the meaning of your “first day,” and catch Endation live September 20 at Industry Lab in Somerville with the Royal Wedding, the New Highway Hymnal, and Harris Hawk.