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‘Sackless twats’: Amy Douglas of SPF 5000 & Feints lashes out against members of Queen


We’re big fans of Amy Douglas’ voice. The singer of electro-funk trio SPF 5000 and the bar-rocking Feints knows when to let loose and belt out a note, and her vocal range is among the best in Boston. But she also knows how to use her voice in other ways, and today she penned an open online letter to the remaining members of Queen after it was reported that Sacha Baron Cohen removed himself from the band’s highly anticipated biopic. Cohen was portraying Freddie Mercury, but his sudden departure, according to a Deadline report, was over creative differences between the actor and the remaining living members of Queen, who demanded a more sanitized, PG-version of Mercury’s troubled life.

Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor “are both on board as musical consultants and were given script and director approval over the biopic,” according to the Telegraph in England, and objected to showing a vivid portrait of Mercury’s struggle with the AIDS virus. The Deadline post states Cohen wanted to show a grittier, more realistic portrayal of the singer.

On that note, Douglas let loose. Check it out:


Dear Remaining Members of Queen,

I love your music. You’ve been in my top 10 favorite bands of all time for all of my life. I’ve always been in awe of your musicianship and vision. That said, ever since you lost your very UN-PG living lead singer, you’ve all behaved like a bunch of sackless twats, doing things that make me wonder if you still possess a twig and berries below your belt buckles. Your lead singer, was a gay man, in conflict, living a life mostly in secret, that was as painful as it was debauchery laden. He died of AIDS. That story must be told, in the full. The glamorous and the sad. Why do you constantly do things that deny who you are? You’re FUCKING ROCK STARS who used to snort cocaine off of Roy Thomas Baker’s fucking piano!!!

Why would you choose to be anything other than the splendid peacocks you were? And moreover, why would you de-mystify and un-champion the life of your lead singer, one of the greatest to ever walk the stage? His story, should it be edited in any way, does not only the audience a great disservice, but you do anyone, living in shame, living in fear of persecution, confused, gay, bi, transgendered, anyone who feels different and afraid, you do NOTHING to honor them. Freddie would have wanted his story to stand for something, beyond camp.


Cut it out. Stop now. Do not go on another tour using another 70’s rock God who doesn’t fit your music as an excuse to parade around on stage with your old sackless twats out. Make an honest biopic of your lives, and your lead singer, or fuck off.

Have a nice day.