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SPF 5000’s Amy Douglas raises the rock with Feints; listen to new single ‘Loaded Dice’



AMY DOUGLAS is known around Boston as the sultry-voiced backbone of Somerville booty-shakin’ trio SPF 5000, laying her voice over electro dance party jams like the freestyle-minded “White Hot Fantasy” and all-night house rager “Doorknocker,” as well as collabs with likes of Bearstronaut, DJ Sega, and Juan MacLean’s Peach Melba project.

But her voice often out-ran the beat it was grooving with, and here with latest band, FEINTS, the self-proclaimed Whisky Bitch is on some new old-school shit entirely, pounding the piano off the grimy banks of her Polynesian Porch stomping grounds and going ruthless on some down-home ’70s-rock. The juggernaut sound rolls in sweet tandem with Douglas’ powerhouse vocals, a match made in smoky bars and can-crackin’ parking lot parties behind long-lost rock clubs on Deer Park Avenue.


And the voice, my goodness that voice — when Douglas lets loose, especially towards the end of this week’s “Loaded Dice,” my fucking god, you can feel yourself become a man before the song ends.

“Once upon a time I played piano for the Squeezebox House Band,” Douglas tells Vanyaland. “I spent the duration of my early 20s basically being Elton John and Freddie every week for a long ass time. This song, brings me back to this place.”

And that place has a cold one with your name on it. Live gigs are on the way this fall, but in the mean time, drink this up, call your uncle who introduced you to the classics, and go feel young again. Fireworks have hit Boston a few weeks early this year.


Oh, PS — about a month ago FEINTS quietly posted their first tune, the rollickin’, glam-metal-kissed “Saturday,” and I won’t bother telling you how many times since then I’ve sung it as “Caturday.”

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