Feeling “1964” lovewave: A new Magic Wands EP is in the works


I’ve been in love with MAGIC WANDS since seeing them open for the Kills way back in 2009. A Valentine duo composed of Nashville native Chris and California girl Dexy, they refer to their sound as lovewave, which suits their sound better than any other half-cocked music jorno tag. Lovewave is lovesick lo-fi pop: chilled out vocals, drum machines, fuzzy guitars and synth riffs. Aloha Moon, the Magic Wands’ debut LP, dropped in April of last year and garnered positive reviews.

When I caught Magic Wands last summer opening for the Jesus and Mary Chain here in San Francisco, they announced plans to record new music across the bay in Oakland. A year later, a chance tweet alerted me to a new song they played on May 30 at Los Angeles’ Echo club, and some light internet sleuthing yielded the news I’d been waiting for since that gig at the Filmore last year: a new Magic Wands EP is on its way.

The first track from the upcoming I M A G I N A R I U M EP is “1964 (Love Soldier),” posted above.

It sees Magic Wands heading in a slightly darker direction than previously explored on their earlier recordings. The song is more 1984 than 1964 with its drum machines and synthesizers; a haunting guitar line follows Dexy’s disinterested vocals. And it’s sexy as hell.

If “1964 (Love Soldier)” is anything to go by, the I M A G I N A R I U M EP should not disappoint long time fans while opening the band up to new ears.

As of this writing, there are no details regarding a street date, but fans are encouraged to follow the band on Twitter for all updates.