Smaller Hearts chill out in synth-driven cruise control on ‘Belts and Braces’

Via Bandcamp

Smaller Hearts are a band with a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. So it makes sense that the Nova Scotia duo’s latest single “Belts and Braces” clocks in at an economical 80 seconds while still covering a lot of sonic ground. It’s a driving, fuzzed-out synth tune that never lets up over its sprinted run time, but if you think Smaller Hearts planned it that way… well, maybe they did, maybe they didn’t.

“Talking to a friend one day,” writes Kristina Parlee, “she described an action someone took as ‘both belts and braces’. I’d never heard the expression before, but her explanation was relatable: The act of taking extra — probably unnecessary — steps to make sure something goes as planned or to prevent a problem. This inspired my bandmate, Ron Bates, and I to write the song you’re listening to today.”

A song about “the realization that too much careful planning can actually be counterproductive” is certainly one we can vibe with, especially when it casts a spell like this. “Belts and Braces” will be featured on Smaller Hearts’ forthcoming fourth album, Rock and Roll Was Here To Stay, out April 21 via Noyes Records. Rev it up below, with intention or otherwise.