Elohim turns inward for alt-pop self-care on ‘Treat You Better’

Photo Credit: Emily Knecht

Much to the chagrin of us and most folx around us, we’ve vaulted past the midway point of summer, with Labor Day quickly approaching a just few short weekends away. Yet we haven’t really vibed to one particular jam to help define this fast-fading summer, which felt over before it even began, but Elohim is certainly doing her part to keep us locked in a groove centered around self-care realization.

The Los Angeles alt-pop artist dropped the first of four volumes of her Journey to the Center of Myself EP series back in June, and now teases Volume 2’s August 27 drop with a delectable new joint called “Treat You Better.” It’s just the type of sun-kissed summer fling pop vibrancy dancing loosely under future garage moods; and we can all use some of that right about now.

“I prefer the listener to find their own meaning within the lyrics and feeling of a song, but for me ‘Treat You Better’ is a playful pact with myself to treat myself better,” Elohim says. “My brain walks out on me in the first verse because she thinks I’m not worthy of her anymore because I’m too self-destructive. This is that conversation. Me and my brain. Fantasy meets reality.”

Summer goals, personified. Now it has a beat to carry us forward. Get into “Treat You Better” below via Spotify and the track’s official visualizer.